Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install Track 'n Trade?

A link to download the software will be sent to your email address upon registering for a trial, or you can download the software directly onto your personal computer from the full site.

Can I Install On More Than One Computer?

You can install Track 'n Trade on up to three of your personal computers without requiring the purchase of additional licenses.

For our Live Trading Platforms: You may install TNT LIVE on multiple computers, but you will only be able to be logged in from one computer at a time (most recent login takes precedent). Simultaneous logins from more than one computer require additional software licenses. You may, however, log in multiple times simultaneously from the same computer (e.g. if you have multiple monitors).

When Is The Data Updated?

Live Data is real-time and streamed directly from the market.

Futures End-of-day Charting software updates around 5:00 pm Central Time. 

High Finance Stocks data is up to 20 minutes delayed.

Why Will My Chart Not Update Past A Certain Date?

All Live Trading Platforms stream live market updates to the software. If you are not receiving live updates check your internet connection or firewall settings.

The Futures and Stocks Charting Software should update to the current date. If you are not seeing your data update fully, it is possible that your Play Controls Tool has been set to the "red" or "lock" position, which would prevent the data from loading fully for back testing purposes.

In the Futures Charting Software if your Play Control is set to the default "green" option of playing to end for all charts, then it is possible that you will need to run a data update. This option can be selected from using the red and white Data Update tool in the upper left corner of your software. You may also access this option from the File menu > Data Download.

If you have run a data update and still do not see data past the year mentioned, you possibly viewing an expired contract month or your data service has expired.

Will Track 'n Trade Work On A Mac?

We currently do not have a Mac-based version of Track 'n Trade. However, some customers have reported success using Boot Camp, VMware, and Parallel's software. At the present time, we have no plans to create a version of the software native to OS X.

I'm Unable To Log-in To The Software.

Your login information can be found in an email sent to you when your account was originally created. If you have misplaced this email, you may request your demo account by emailing:

If you are having problems accessing a Real Money Trading account please contact Gecko Financial Services for assistance at 866.712.4904.